Sensors identify electric motor bearing defect in advance

Defeito em rolamento de motor

A bearing defect was identified in the main motor of rolling mill 03 – motor 3H, which is a critical asset for the production process and is monitored by Dynamox’s wireless system. The vibration levels of a sensor installed on the motor, more specifically on the drive side, showed evolution and reached the most critical acceleration alarm in high frequency regions. Below, we will show you some tools used to identify the cause.

Motor bearing defect detection

We used high-frequency spectral band alerts, the evolution of the bearing defect, characteristic of the outer raceway (BPFO) was evidenced. 

Thus, with the possibility of using spectral alerts per frequency region band, it is possible to differentiate defect characteristics and have better guidance on how to identify them quickly. It helps with quick decision-making, as shown in this fault case. 

Tools used for fault detection

As a result, a defect in the outer race of the BPFO bearing could be identified on the platform. The images below demonstrate defect frequencies and modulation by rotation, indicating severity.

Finally, thanks to Dynamox’s wireless monitoring system, an intervention was scheduled, and the motor bearing was replaced in a timely manner.

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