Dynamox solution identifies a defect in a cell agitator motor in advance  

Dynamox, through its solution, works strategically with maintenance teams. Its aim is to ensure safety, improve efficiency in maintenance processes, and prevent unplanned shutdowns from damaging the production system. 

Nexa, Dynamox’s partner, has recently proved the positive impact of the solution. Arley Campelo, Nexa’s predictive maintenance specialist, shared a successful case using the solution, check it out

On Sunday, July 23, 2023, a flotation cell agitator, an important asset in Nexa’s operation in Vazante/MG, issued an A2 alert on the WEB Platform. 

velocity and peak-to-peak graph

After the predictive maintenance specialists were notified of the alert, a failure in the DE bearing was identified, as well as looseness in the motor frame. So, the components were sorted for maintenance. At the beginning of the week, the components were already sorted, making the process of replacing the motor faster and safer. 

After the motor was replaced, the vibration levels displayed on the Dynamox WEB Platform stabilized, showing that the asset was no longer at risk when operating. 

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