Dynamox detects a failure in a fluosilicic circulating pump


A large multinational potash and phosphate fertilizer producer relies on Dynamox’s predictive solution to monitor its assets, which has helped detect a failure in a circulating pump.

The fluosilicic circulating pump is responsible for purifying the water in the production process. For this reason, HF+ wireless sensors have been installed, which can identify possible failures in early stages, before they worsen.

From April 9, by analyzing the graphs on the Web Platform, it was possible to detect an increase in vibration levels, especially in the RMS Velocity graph, shown in the following image.

Circulating pump failure - RMS velocity graph shows when the problem was detected
RMS velocity graph indicating when the problem was detected

The diagnosis made by the vibration analyst within the predictive analysis report on the Web Platform, indicated stiffness loss and this was due to the base of the equipment suffering from very advanced and evolving corrosion. 

As a follow-up to the vibration levels, when looking at the spectral waterfall, it was possible to notice a prominent increase in vibration levels in the vertical and axial direction.  Check it out:

Spectral waterfall for failure identification
Spectral waterfall

Take a look at the diagnosis written by the analyst:

  • Diagnosis: equipment with increased vibration in the axial and vertical position. The base of this equipment suffers from very advanced corrosion, and it is currently evolving.
  • Detected failure: stiffness loss.
  • Observation: replace the SKID base (metal) and align the set.

Following the company’s internal procedure, once the diagnosis had been made, the maintenance team approached the equipment to verify the defect diagnosed by means of a sensitive inspection and then carry out the maintenance. 

Below are some images showing how the SKID base of the pump looked before and after it was replaced. 

Circulating pump failure - before and after monitoring intervention

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