Dynamox’s solution identifies bearing housing defect 

The Dynamox solution was responsible for the early identification of a defect in the bearing housings of a modular vibrating screen.    

Located at a client’s plant in Antônio Dias – MG, the vibrating screen is considered a critical asset for the production process and is therefore monitored by Dynamox’s wireless system.  

At the end of April 2023, the vibration levels of a sensor installed in the bearing housings of the M1 drive evolved and reached the acceleration and envelope alarm levels in the high frequency region in the vertical and axial directions as shown in the graph below. 

Defect identification spectrum for bearing housings

In this case, inadequate lubrication characteristics and the onset of mechanical looseness were identified as a result of lubricant contamination.  

Below, we will show you some of the tools used to identify the root cause of evolution. Spectral alerts per band were added, where the exponential evolution of levels was identified, pointing out the defect.   

Before and after bearing defect identification

Tools used for bearing housing defect detection   

We used high-frequency band spectral alerts, which clearly highlighted the evolution of the carpet, prompting immediate re-lubrication.   

High-frequency band spectral alerts

As shown in the waterfall spectrum, after the bearing housings were replaced, the levels decreased exponentially, leaving the equipment in good working conditions.   

Stabilized spectral alerts

Main benefits – Spectral Alerts per Frequency Band 

With the possibility of using spectral alerts per frequency region band, it is possible to differentiate the types of defects and have a better idea of how to identify these failures so that decisions can be made quickly, as in this case of lubrication failure. 

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