Dynamox identifies a defect in an Australian mining company’s vibrating screen  

Os sensores Dynamox identificam defeito no mancal de uma peneira vibratória.

Dynamox’s sensors identified a defect in the bearing of a vibrating screen. On July 26, 2023, an A2 alert was issued on Dynamox’s Web Platform for an asset belonging to one of the world’s largest mining companies in Australia. Due to the location of the asset, it was difficult to get to it and install the sensors.  

DynaPredict Web Platform identifies conveyor belt defect

After the alert was issued, the Waveform Envelope and Spectral Envelope of the asset were analyzed, where it is possible to identify the defect in the bearing related to looseness due to inadequate interference between the bearing and housing and/or shaft.

Waveform Envelope and Spectral Envelope of the asset

Using the autocorrelation tool, 2 predominant points of looseness were visualized in the circular form with an offset of 180º.  

Waveform autocorrelation

After analyzing all the data provided by Dynamox’s solution, asset maintenance was carried out. The envelope waterfall shows that the graphs have returned to normal.  

Envelope waterfall

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