Wireless monitoring project: Vale Salobo and Dynamox

More than 2,000 spots monitored on critical machines.

The Dynamox Team recently completed a project to install more than 2,000 wireless vibration and temperature monitoring sensors in approximately 400 assets at Vale’s Salobo mine, located in Pará. This represents a significant evolution in the amount of data collected by continuously monitoring the equipment, contributing to more efficient asset management, ensuring greater reliability for the plant, and even greater safety and efficiency for the professionals involved in the process.

Asset monitored by Dynamox at Vale Salobo

Given the size of the site, with an estimated reserve of 1.2 billion tons of copper ore and considering the extreme nature of the mining environment, combined with the fact that the site is in a remote area, the maintenance process at Salobo is quite challenging. Before the installation of Dynamox’s system, machinery data collection was carried out offline and at average intervals of 14 days.

To reduce this time and improve the maintenance process, Salobo’s team opted for the complete solution, which also integrates the automated failure detection module and the visual management dashboards, modules that help to visualize, monitor and identify health variables in a practical and personalized way for quick and assertive decision-making.

João Alves, Predictive Maintenance Technician at Salobo, says that the experience with Dynamox has been great. In addition to the quality of the solution, he highlights the excellent interface with the support and field teams, who are always available and committed to improving processes.

Check out the video to learn more about the monitored assets:

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