Dynamox identifies a defect in an ore reclaimer bearing

Case Retomadora de minério

Dynamox’s wireless sensors have identified a change in temperature and vibration levels in the bogie wheel bearing of an ore reclaimer, one of the most important assets at one of the world’s largest mining companies.

Ore reclaimer - Dynamox success case

The Dynamox WEB Platform issued an A2 alert (highest alarm level) on July 4, warning Benedito Ferreira Leão Junior and Luís Alberto Fonseca, responsible for maintenance at Vale, that the asset presented an anomaly. In addition, by analyzing the spectral envelope with the BPFI marker of the registered bearing, a failure was identified.

Pre-defect graph on ore reclaimer bearing
Pre-defect in ore reclaimer bearing

Below are the waveform graphs before and after correcting the bearing defect. It is possible to see that in the first image, when the problem was identified, the asset’s vibration levels were extremely high, which returned to normal after maintenance was carried out.

Accessibility and Safety

The possibility of installing small, robust wireless sensors, with excellent monitoring capacity, guarantees accessibility to a part of the asset that is constantly moving and that could not be monitored by other types of sensors.

In addition, Dynamox’s sensors can be controlled remotely by the staff of the mining company, preventing people from being exposed to the risks of being too close to the ore reclaimer.

Check out the video to see where the HF+ sensor – responsible for monitoring and detecting the failure – is mounted on the machine.

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